The Z Sides is songs that didn't quite fit in C4, There's chickens in this collections. An extra-terrestrial twist and eccentric electronic sounds make up these 50 Minutes of musics.

While You can pay money for this, it's also free forever.

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Danger Cat - 3:34

Cat Sail Away - 5:31

Cat On - 3:35

3 And Life - 2:42

Life Is A Chicken And I Want My Money Buck - 5:56

Calling Occapants (Of Interplanetary Cats) - 7:16

Cat Wiggum - 2:49

A Longer Catvember - 11:51

Purr, Then A Feeling - 3:13

Cat In The Mirror - 4:04

Thanks to KennyLoggins, Styx, Aerosmith, SkidRow, Meatloaf, Klaatu, BloodhoundGang, CountingCrows, Boston and Michael Jackson for the songs!
MeowSynth by: Knobster